Mark flew the Hawk and the Harrier GR7 in the Royal Air Force before training as a test pilot at the Empire Test Pilots’ School in 1999. After 4 years of flight testing he returned to ETPS as an instructor and, eventually, as Principal Tutor, Fixed Wing.


He then joined Cathay Pacific Airways as a pilot on the Boeing 747-200 for a brief period before taking up the opportunity to join Rolls-Royce as Deputy Chief Test Pilot in 2007 where he continues to fly the Boeing 747-200, various Airbus types, the Gulfstream G450 and the company Spitfire.


BOULTBEE FLIGHT ACADEMY was established in 2010 and was the world's first Spitfire training school and approved Spitfire flight provider flying single seat and two seat spitfires. So if your question is:  Can I buy a flight in a Spitfire? Where can I fly in a Spitfire? or Where can I train to fly a Spitfire? the answer is that you can at Boultbee Flight Academy. The Academy is the world's authority on Spitfire flying. We offer Spitfire experience flights to non-pilots and Spitfire training to pilots. All of our two seat Spitfire flights are incredible experiences whether you are a pilot or not. A two seater Spitfire flight really is everything you will hope it to be and more. Flying in a Spitfire is an experience you won't forget. So why not come and fly with us? CLICK HERE for more information.

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